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Medical bacteriology is a branch of medical biology which consists of the analysis of various biological fluids (sometimes tissues) with the aim of isolating and/or characterizing one or more bacteria that may be responsible for the pathology suspected at the time. using direct or indirect techniques.

Depending on the suspected bacteria, one or more specific samples must be taken in order to best isolate this bacteria and thus make the most reliable diagnosis possible and, after carrying out or not an antibiogram, to treat with better the pathology caused by antibiotics. Each result must be checked and if possible interpreted by a medical biologist.


Virology is the scientific discipline focusing on the study, use and fight against viruses and similar infectious agents (viroids, etc.).
Virology is generally considered as a branch of biology (microbiology, agronomy in particular to create genetically modified organisms, evolution of species) or medicine (pathology, gene therapy, other innovative therapies based on viruses (cancerology, microbiota control, etc.)).
In this area, the research carried out particularly serves:

    • to explore for a given virus: its structure and composition, the mechanisms allowing it to infect a host, what is its tropism, and its position in the classification of viruses.
    • to describe viral diseases as well as trace the evolution of viruses, particularly when a viral species mutates or changes host.
    • to take advantage of techniques to isolate and cultivate them, with a view to use in research and therapy.

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